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Bushwick Beverages: Bushwick’s own beer and wine festival

bushwick beverages
Everyone’s pretty happy when booze is involved.

There are so many damn local breweries and wineries these days that it’s impossible to keep up and drink all of their products. Unless of course…unless someone put all of the alcohol in one place, like some kind of festival or celebration. Oh hey look! Arts + Crafts did just that, with next weekend’s upcoming Bushwick Beverages, a beer and wine festival allowing you to wander Troutman Street drinking the best local beer and wine that’s out there.

Bushwick Beverages will take place along Troutman Street on Saturday, July 26, with the first pour of delicious alcohol going down at 2:30pm and then flowing freely until 7:30pm. You’ll be able to drink beers and wines distributed by S.K.I., Union, Manhattan, Serene, Phoenix and beers made by local microbrewers, while going to places like Lot 45, AP Cafe and Union Pizza. Plus, there’ll be food trucks (you’re not legally allowed to have a festival in Brooklyn without at least one) and music from Mariachi Flor de Toloache, DJ Christopher Sealy (who apparently spun for President Obama recently) and DJ CEO of Fuse TV.

How much will this wonderful beer and wine-soaked adventure cost you? Just $20, which will come with 15 drink tickets that you can trade for, well, drinks. If you want to get real fancy and push your limits of alcohol intake, you can also get a $50 VIP ticket that comes with unlimited drinks. In which case we’d just warn you not to push it TOO much. After all, there’s Sunday drinking to do as well.


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