The week in Broketown, 10/5 – 10/9

Have a pizza weekend. via Facebook
Have a pizza weekend. via Facebook

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-What’s the future of pizza in NYC? How do you make your obsession a job? Slice Out Hunger’s Scott Wiener has answers for you

-Don’t worry about not having a CMJ badge, because we’ve got every free show for you

-The New Jersey suburbs are the new Brooklyn? Mmmmohmygod

-Turns out drunk ghost hunting was a drunk ghost bust

-Om man, find cheap inner peace with these sub-$10 yoga classes in Brooklyn

-The Museum of Food and Drink, Brooklyn Creative League and more folks have jobs for you

-Or just got with this temporary gig where you get $15/hour to give out Donald Trump dog poop bags

-We ask the world where Black Marble went, they tell us they’ll be back soon

-What bars should go in the Brooklyn Cocktail Book? The power is yours!

-Open House New York Weekend is almost here, so be sure you hit up these great BK tours

This Sexy Pizza Rat costume is bad because it screws up the details of what makes the Pizza Rat the Pizza Rat

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