New Music Tuesday: Come back, Black Marble

Where have you gone, Black Marble? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you

Dear, Black Marble,

I’m forfeiting the standard format of my New Music Tuesday column to reach out to you directly. You see, I miss you, Black Marble, and I want you to come home. And by “home” I mean, “the studio.”

Remember when you were a band? That was pretty cool. Remember when you made the best, dark, electro-ish music that soundtracked the most dreamy Fall I’ve had to date? That was amazing. Let’s do it again.

About five minutes ago, before I sat down to write this post, I clicked on your website, www.blackmarblenyc.com and audibly gasped when it brought up a “this website is for sale” page. Where are you? Why did you leave? And are you ever coming back?

Remember when you put out the best album to ever be an album, A Different Arrangement, via Hardly Art in October of 2012? I do. That was cool. Remember when you used to play shows? Maybe you’ll play some more? Circle [Y] for yes, or [N] for no, and mail this back to me C/O the Taco Bell in Union Square. That’s where I receive all of my important mail.

The last show of yours that I went to I barely saw because I made out with my girlfriend (who is now my wife) for the entire thing. Maybe you saw? I apologize for that. We had just started dating, and your music assisted the dreamy-headed delirium that we were experiencing as we fell in love. Your music still reminds us of that time. When I listen to your songs I feel like I have a crush on the entire world. What a fantastic feeling. Why, Black Marble, would you want to deprive other people of feeling that way? Are you in prison? Did you have babies and sell your instruments for Pampers? What’s the deal? Please come back.

Remember when you made this video for “Cruel Summer?”

Remember when you re-mixed this Trust song?

Well, anywhoo. I hope you’re okay and that the years have treated you well. I hope you’re warm, and are eating well and drinking plenty of water. I, well, I love you Black Marble. Come back soon. We miss you.

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