Brooklyn now extends into the New Jersey suburbs

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As you can see, Downtown Maplewood is the spitting image of Brooklyn. via Flickr user Jazz Guy

We all have fun with the “X is the next Brooklyn” trope, despite the fact that it’s silly and mostly done as an attention-grabbing act by desperate real estate reporters or people looking to get some cheap heat for their city. Here’s the thing though: At least it’s usually done in service of pumping up a city, as opposed to today’s attempt at crowning a new Brooklyn, in which the far away New Jersey suburbs Maplewood and South Orange are somehow just like our borough:

Maplewood and South Orange have been unofficially dubbed “Brooklyn West.” Realtors throughout the area say the towns are attracting hordes of new residents from the NYC borough, and some have started capitalizing on the trend.

“It doesn’t seem to be a financial factor driving them (out of Brooklyn),” Keane said. “It’s a lot of young couples looking to start families or with young kids. I think it’s the family aspect (drawing them here).”

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  1. Jersey City is currently 100% exactly like how Williamsburg/Bushwick was 5 years ago tho. Nothing but warehouse parties and cheap rent.

    • 5 years ago Williamsburg was well past the era of warehouse parties and cheap rent.

      As for Maplewood, Montclair, South Orange etc., they’re nice places to live but it’s absurd to pretend that price isn’t a factor for a lot of people.

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