The Week in Broketown, 10/19- 10/23

It's the weekend, go get some pie. Photo by Dave Colon
It’s the weekend, go get some cake. Photo by Dave Colon

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-Forget getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte if you’re in Crown Heights, because you’ve got all these fall coffee shop treats from local spots

-The horse that trotted down Franklin Avenue this summer met Terry Crews

-Love coffee so much you want to open your own place? Dominic Palastro from Red Hook’s Kings Coffee can clue you in as to how you do it

Who’s got jobs for you? Cake Pops, Stumptown Coffee and BAM do!

-Turns out all that food porn we’ve been looking at is actually bad for us

-Furious haters will have something else to be mad about when a statue declaring Brooklyn to be Number 1 goes up

-Make sure you get a Pain aux Duane Reade, a croissant stuffed with drugstore candy at Robicelli’s

-Who is CUTTERS and what do they fight for? Find out!

Italia Week is happening now, so get your Italian restaurant and grocery deals while you can

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