The mysterious Franklin Avenue horse isn’t just blog famous, now it knows Terry Crews

Remember when a mysterious horseman kept riding his horse down the Franklin Avenue bike lane? Remember when we finally solved the mystery of what the damn horseman was doing? Well, guess we got that horse blog-famous enough that he made it onto the TODAY Show with Terry Crews.

Crews was being interviewed about his upcoming role in a Western flick, Adam Sandler’s already controversial and hated The Ridiculous SixSo naturally, the TODAY Show brought in a live horse for Crews to ride. And for some reason, that horse just happened to be Tonka, the same horse we were all seeing ride through Crown Heights this past summer. Crews was thrilled. He fed it a carrot. The bond was made; these guys are buds now.

Needless to say, we’re pretty jealous of that horse.  

Terry Crews and the horse are buds.
Terry Crews and the horse, testing the bounds of their new friendship

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