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Wear your sexiest red dress to this live reading of ‘The Room’

Oh yeah, that's the stuff
Oh yeah, that’s the stuff

Ah The Room, that legendary, baffling disaster of a movie that became a cult classic thanks to long slow pans of the Golden Gate Bridge, the unplaceable accent of its star/director/writer Tommy Wiseau, the most uncomfortable sex scene ever recorded and the immortal delivery of the line “You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” Of course it’s fun to watch the movie with a crew of Room-iacs, but Bushwick theatre troupe Title:Point is bringing the accents, the spoons and the classic story of betrayal off the silver screen and onto the stage with a free performance of The Room at the Silent Barn next month.

We asked Title:Point’s Theresa Buchheister (who’s also playing Johnny) about the plans to adapt the screenplay on July 12, and she told us that the plan is to do a staged reading of the entire script. She said there’ll be “light blocking” and when long stretches of dialogue-free material show up (like the sex scenes and the Golden Gate Bridge), they’ll cut to clips of the movie. And in case you were worried the traditional yelling and spoon-tossing of mass Room viewings would interrupt the actors involved, Buchheister says all the extra-curriculars are encouraged, to the point where spoons will be handed out at the show. So, make sure you study up.

Even better, you can finally immortalize your Wiseau fandom in picture form, because there’ll be a photobooth on for you to pose in with important totems from the movie like a football, a rose and spoons. There’s also the promise that if you do in fact wear your sexiest red dress, you can win a prize (“probably dranks” [sic]). Doors for this illustrious theatre event open at 3pm, and the afternoon will begin with a mysterious “Room-Inspired-Jo-Nado” from the always game Jo Firestone, before the performance begins at 5. We suggest getting there early, because in a situation like this, even telling someone the test results came back and you’re dying of cancer probably won’t get you in if this fills up.

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