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Warriors, come out to flea: New market planned for Coney?

Coney Island: soon home to 100,000 feet of flea? Photo via Amusing the Zillion.

We’re skeptical of this ambitious claim for a few reasons, but the Daily News is reports today about a group that plans to open what would be the city’s largest flea market in Coney Island soon for the 2011 season, with “over 100,000 square feet of shoppers delight.” Officials with the market/carnival — named BK Festival — wouldn’t respond to the newspapers questions, but the paper quoted several vendors who said they were considering moving to the Coney Island space once it opens. It’s not clear where they would set up (perhaps in that pictured big empty space?), and the teaser website Brownstoner found has been taken down already. So we’ll believe it when we see it. 100,000 square feet, btw, is the size of your average Walmart.


  1. If it turns out to be the street fair style tube socks and pashminas, they can shove it up their bums. Also, we already have the overpriced Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea (it’s nice, don’t get me wrong, just 70% of the vendors have either silly prices or sell stuff that is out of my price range).

    There’s got to be a way to have a *real* flea market in this town, right?

  2. Hey, that’s my photo of Thor’s flea in 2009 that you inadvertently picked up and posted without credit. Please credit “Amusing the Zillion” and link back to the post “Memorial Day Weekend Mania: Thor Equities Coney Flea In-Fest-ation Is a Flop”

    I have been documenting Thor Equities decimation of Coney Island on my blog since 2009. Yes, it’s true this huge flea market is indeed coming to Coney Island in 2011

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