Warm weather torpedoes Prospect Park snowfest

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Winter Jam 2011. Photo by Alison Meier via Flickr.

Bad news for all of us who count on Prospect Park for our free outdoor winter sports fix: the New York City Parks & Recreation Department has been forced to cancel its annual Winter Jam, scheduled for February 4th, because “it is simply too warm to make snow.” No, it’s not that they were expecting natural snow and there’s none in the forecast. The air and ground will actually be too warm to make FAKE snow.

Climate change is a real downer, and now that you can’t repurpose trash bags as sleds (greener than buying a new plastic sled) this February, it’s up to all of us to keep the winter spirit alive… or completely give up and pretend it’s spring!

As an alternative, the Parks Department suggests going skating instead — but wait, Prospect Park’s Wollman Rink is closed for renovations. Is it time to shlep out to Abe Stark skating rink in Coney Island? Anyone been?

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