Want to be a Coney Island Polar Bear? Here’s your chance

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Oh god, we’re getting frostbite just looking at this

Summer is over, and it looks like our Indian summer is on its way out as well. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t give up the beach no matter what time of year it is, you have our respect (and we’re a little afraid too). Fortunately, there’s a group of nuts out there waiting for you with open arms: the Coney Island Polar Bears, who go swimming in the freezing cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean every Sunday from November to April. They’ve got some slots open for their prestigious club, so if you want in, read on.

The Polar Bear Club, which we emphasize again, voluntarily jumps in the ocean in February, will pick members from ten applicants, who they select at random. If you want in, email your name and phone number to BUELL [at] RCN.com, and then wait by the phone until November 9. If they pick you, it’ll cost you $25 for your application fee, and then you’ll have to swim to impress, showing up at 12 swims during the season and being charming enough that you get voted in by the current members.

If you get in, you’ll have to keep it up next year of course, but you’ll only be required to participate in four swims at that point. You also get an official club patch, the bonhomie of like-minded crazies and an awesome pickup line wherever you go. If you don’t get in, you’re allowed to join them for one swim of the season, and hey, there’s always next year. That or you can just swim in the ocean by yourself in the winter, which is sad but also fits the season a little more.

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