Hey, come work with us! Brokelyn is looking for fresh new voices and photographers

The money isn't real, but the swagger is
The money isn’t real, but the swagger is.

Hey, you there. Sitting at your desk, pollinating the internet, wondering when people are going to listen to what you have to say. We’ve been listening, and we think you should join the Brokelyn team. Know of the coolest igloo rental steals this side of the East River? Got strong opinions about the fraudulent breakfast cereal empire or New Yorkers going soft? Want to smash the patriarchy with an infographic? We’d like to help you do it. We’re also looking for photographers to cover events and savvy Instagrammers to join our social media squad.

The perks of joining us here in Broketown include: great edits, chill vibes, lots of freebie swag, VIP status at some of the borough’s hottest shows and live events, a chance to hone your political journalism chops for a future field reporting gig with the Times or build up your humor clips for that sweet, sweet Onion internship you’re trying to land. Whatever your dream, Brokelyn can give you the boost you need to get there. And most importantly — in the words of editor emeritus and now happily cuffed Dave Colon — “Your byline can get you laid.”

While you wait for those bigger-ticket jobs, you’ll get to hang with us — a group of 20 and 30-somethings who’ve called Brooklyn home long enough (and some who’ve always been here) to want to write about it 24/7. We meet regularly at a bar to hang out and pitch new stories (you drink on our tab, of course). We check out each other’s comedy shows, attend events together, plan day trips to the beach… in fact, we roll so deep that Brokelyn’s Rachel Eve Stein dubbed us “The Brokelynati.”

The Brokelyn Carolers (not real) do Buddy Holly at one of our recent rockstar karaoke parties.
The Brokelyn Carolers (not real) do Buddy Holly at one of our recent rockstar karaoke parties.

So, what kind of stories would you be writing? All kinds. We do foodie roundups, music featurescomedy profiles and neighborhood guides. We scoop pun board games and Game of Thrones sightings. We tell you how to save money without being a dick. It’s anything you want, really, that speaks to the Brokelyn mindset about working hard, chasing a passion and loving your city, wherever you live. We want your lifehacks, favorite hidden cheap joints in the city and personal stories about living your best life without a lot of money.

Brokelyn alumni have gone on to writing jobs at The New York Times, The New York Post, Vice, New York Magazine, The Observer and Gothamist among others. They’ve appeared on Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer and landed book deals. This, too, can be yours!

To get involved: Send an email to sam [at] with a little info about yourself, some links to past work if you have any, and what you’re interested in writing about and/or photographing. No cover letters, please. Pleaaase. Be familiar with what we cover before you contact us (don’t pitch us a $500-a-head art opening on the Upper East Side, for instance). New writers will be asked to come to an introductory meeting and expected to make regular appearance at our editorial meetings.

If you’re interested in joining our Instagram squad, send us links to five of your best Instas that demonstrate skills in capturing the best of Brooklyn via killer photography. We’re looking for ‘grammers who pursue different things across the borough, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to contribute and a low time commitment (and you’ll be tagged as the photographer in every photo you take for us, so your future as a paid influencer is that much more in reach). If you’re better on Snapchat, send us your username so that we can check out your stories! There will be opportunities to help us grow our presence there, too.

We may not be able to promise you riches, fame or glory, but we can definitely promise plenty of drinking, endless opportunities to document life’s highs and lows on one of the coolest blogs in Brooklyn, and a crew that’ll make you grateful you call this borough home.

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