Love in the key of G train: Two Brooklyn Valentine’s playlists for lovers and broken hearts

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Hello, friends and lovers. Valentine’s Day is uponst us. It’s a day that means a lot of things for a lot of people: you could be snuggling up with your sweetheart, swiping left and right on Tinder, or drowning your single sorrows in half a pint of Chunky Monkey and a fifth of whiskey. Whatever it is you’re doing, you need music, right? So we here at Brokelyn have compiled not one, but TWO playlists for your Valentines-y, Spotify-ing pleasure: one of love songs to help set the mood, and one of break-up songs to help ease your pain. They’re comprised entirely of songs by current Brooklyn bands who understand the particular brand of borough-based love and heartbreak.

There are sweet little ditties about two people falling in love, there are songs about doin’ it, there’s a love song dedicated to a fictional detective. There are songs about wandering around the city with a broken heart, breaking up with someone on Valentine’s day, running into your ex, the joys of rebound sex. Basically what we’re getting from this is that love is great, but breaking up (and being single) can be okay too. At least it makes for great songs, even on Valentine’s day.

So grab your sweetie (or your roommate’s cat) and get dancin’. Or eating chocolate out of a heart shaped box you may or may not have purchased for yourself. We’re not here to judge.

Playlist 1: Brooklyn love songs 😍

Or click the link to the playlist here

Playlist 2: Brooklyn break-up songs 😢

Or click the link to the playlist here.

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