The CDC’s new alcohol guidelines for women, updated for men

Full graphic below. Illustration by Chris Giganti
Full graphic below. Illustration by Chris Giganti

The CDC released new buzzkill guidelines last week, telling women basically not to drink ever because drinking can make you pregnant, give you an STD (stay away from that brand of whiskey again, ladies) or lead to a whole host of other problems. Suffice it to say, the recommendations not go over well: ThinkProgress said they double “as a handy guide to victim-blaming;” The New Republic accused the CDC of considering women “freestanding uteruses.” The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri pointed out that the guidelines leave out the role of men in this whole process.

Brokelyn pal Chris Giganti (last seen creating our favorite/most terrifying photoshop of all time) stepped in to fix that problem. He redid the CDC’s guidelines with a focus on men: show it to a man you know who could use some recommended self control when going out in public.

Illustration by Chris Giganti.
Click to enlarge. Illustration by Chris Giganti.

Here is the CDC’s original infographic, for reference:

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  1. kathie wilson

    This leaves out completely the fact that heavy alcohol use has negative effects on sperm cells, which can result in defective and profoundly compromised fetuses. (Not to mention the impotence factor………)
    Shouldn’t we be screeinng men for alcohol- amaged sperm, when we start talking about screening women for alcohol use during our fertility? Remember, fellas… stay fertile for a lifetime…..


    Stupid Stupid Stupid. Ask any person who drinks regularly daily why they do it and the answer will be ….i don’t know but i feel a drive or need to do it as it makes me less anxious. To get someone of alcohol is harder than getting someone off heroin yet we treat it like its a simple issue.

    As someone that has tried year after year and day after day to give up i can tell you that the above advice just winds people up.

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