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Vote for the new face of the Cyclone

One of the t-shirt finalists
One of the t-shirt finalists

It must be roller-coaster day here on Brokelyn, but our beloved icon deserves its due attention too. The first ever t-shirt contest for the Cyclone is going on right now, and the rickety ride’s future chest-hugging visage depends on you. The 11 finalists of designs have been selected, and they’re up for your vote before the winner is announced this Friday, Jul. 23, at the Official Cyclone T-shirt Fashion Show. One lucky (and talented) designer will get $500, and you, if you go and share the glory at the free show, just might leave with a prize or two yourself.

All of the finalist designs were made into shirts, and you’ll see them shown-off impressively on burlesque performers Darlinda Just Darlinda, Minnie Tonka, Gigi La Femme (Miss Coney Island 2010), Honi Harlow and Weirdee Girl; along with drag performer M’Lady Uppercrust and the designers themselves.

The evening will be hosted by DJ Gonzales and quizmaster Noah Tarnow of The Big Quiz Thing, who promises to “punctuate the evening” with Coney Island trivia and prizes. The prizes include Cyclone tickets, t-shirts and more. And the hula-hooping Ms Saturn will hold a Hula Hooping Contest, with prizes of its own.

Here, again, are the design finalists, awaiting your vote. The show’s from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in front of the Cyclone (Surf Ave. at W. 10th St.). Free.


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