Visit Asslands, 16 more ways to have a bootylicious weekend

Celebrate this. Well, not just hers, yours too.

1. You know you do it, we know you do it, so just wall twerk already at Asslands, a booty + bass dance party. (Friday)

2. Concreatures is releasing their album Pretending to Swim, so wade over to Union Hall to hear some indie lo-fi. (Friday)

3. See some superheroes and supervillains superstriptease each other at Wasabassco Burlesque’s Super 2 at The Bell House. (Friday)

4. Go be cultured and literate at this month’s Roots Poetry Series. (Friday)

5. If you like your comedy young, wild, or free, we’ve got the show for you. (Friday)

6. Judging people is fun, so help Spoke the Hub pick the best 5-minute performer of the night at their 14th Annual Winter Follies. (Friday-Saturday)

7. You can dance if you want to, or make out furiously, at Passenger Bar’s Music Video Make Out Party. (Saturday)

8. There’s nothing quite like embarrassing yourself with poor salsa skills, so learn how to look less ridiculous with a free salsa lesson at Dance Fever Studios. (Saturday)

9. When there’s flicks to see…at Videology…who you gonna call? The Ghotbusters, you call them, and also in this case you eat some marshmallows if you’d like to. (Saturday)

10. Comic Sans isn’t just the font we use for our resumes, it’s also a free comedy show. (Saturday)

11. When we heard The El Pasos were playing at Bar Chord we were ready for some Norwegian house, but apparently they’re a country band. (Saturday)

12. Stuff your face with grilled cheese and then declare which is the best sandwich in all the land at The Big Cheesy. (Saturday)

13. Trade your latest home brews for other beer lovers’ moonshine at Covenhoven’s Beer Geek Bottle Swap, because beer is like baseball cards for adults. (Sunday)

14. Bring your brass knuckles, which shouldn’t be different from your regular knuckles, to the Chuck Norris Winter Action Slam at Freddy’s Bar. (Sunday)

15. Plume Giant is bringing big dreamy indie folk to Cameo Gallery. (Sunday)

16. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and you might already feel like you’re in for good fortune. (Sunday)

17. The Macaulay Culkin Show returns to Shea Stadium with a promise of complete chaos and guest hosts Sweet Daddy Longlegs and “Skull Fucker” Harley Tucker. Guess that’s one way to run a comedy show. (Sunday)

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