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Unknown playwrights: The Bushwick Starr wants to make you famous!

bushwick starr
This empty stage could be full of characters you created. via Facebook

We know what it’s like out there for a struggling playwright, vainly typing away on your typewriter while smoking cigarettes and adjusting your beret, wondering if anyone will read the work you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s the same conundrum facing any struggling creative around here. Lucky you then, that renowned Brooklyn theatre The Bushwick Starr wants to make things a bit easier for you by inviting you, the unknown playwright, to submit a piece for consideration in their Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Get picked, and you can see your script read in one of Brooklyn’s best small theaters.

For the reading series, the folks at the Bushwick Starr say they’re looking for scripts that have never been given a public reading, from playwrights “approaching writing for the theater in thrilling and unexpected ways.” Is that you? We hope so, since no one wants a boring, cookie cutter play. If it is, the submission guideline say to send an email to SRS [AT] with a a little bit about yourself and where you are in the play’s developments, along with your script of course, by May 15. For the script itself, they’re looking for a play that’s going to last an evening of theater-going, not some 10 minute piffle, so make sure the script has a little heft to it. If you get selected, you get a small stipend to help your production happen, and you get to have the script read in front of the Bushwick Starr’s discerning theater audience. Next stop, your Tony speech? Maybe!

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