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Enjoy two Tromatic days of free movies in June when TromaDance comes to Bushwick

True, this COULD be just a normal scene in Bushwick. But in this instance, it’s TromaDance. via TromaDance

Well, Brooklyn, you stuck it to New Jersey AGAIN!  First you steal their mediocre-to-above-average NBA team. Now you’ll have a prized film festival cross state lines and thrill many a Brooklynite whose passions are steeped in independent film goodness, when the TromaDance Film Festival moves to Bushwick’s Paper Box (23 Meadow Street) for its 15th Anniversary in June. Thanks, Jersey…again!

TromaDance is a film festival after our own broke hearts, the epitome of a free cultural experience for all, whether you’re Sir Patrick Stewart or that guy panhandling outside the Micky D’s on Court Street. Everyone is a V.I.P., which tends to happen with free entry.

It all begins Friday, June 27, with a four hour block of movies from 6pm to 10pm. On Saturday June 28 beginning at noon, you get more great indie flicks throughout the day until 10pm. Then, you’ll get a chance to hoof it with your cinema pals at the TromaDance After Party, because after the party comes the after party. Two left feet?  Scared? It’s not Dancing with the Stars for crying out loud.

Independent filmmakers from around the world have peddled their wares at the festival over the years. From features to short films, TromaDance has given these artists a unique outlet to showcase their talents. It’s also given audiences a chance to enjoy cinema that plows through the barriers of the mainstream, not unlike the Kool Aid man’s destructive prowess with drywall. Comedies, horror flicks, documentaries…you’ll run into every genre imaginable. TromaDance has even seen the likes of The Human Centipede grace it’s schedule, so you never know what future cult classic will emerge. And you can say you saw it way back when. Lucky you.

If you haven’t been indoctrinated into the Troma universe, let’s get you up to speed. Almost 40 years ago, Troma Entertainment was born out of the radioactive imaginations of Yale grads Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz. What started out as an outlet and distribution hub for indie filmmakers over the years grew into what would come to influence modern artisans like Quentin Tarantino and Peter Jackson (have you seen Meet the Feebles?).  It’s also responsible for two of the most beloved cult movies of all time…Class of Nuke ‘em High and The Toxic Avenger.

Whether you’re the next Tom Six or you’re just a frugal cinephile, Brooklyn and TromaDance are hooking it up for you like cable…really “toxic” cable. Is there any kind of catch for all this free cult movie action? Get there early, it’s first come, first serve. Don’t be that guy who waits until the last minute only to find out “Hey, there’s no more room!” It’s New York, people.

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