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Trader Joe’s is now selling $4 four-packs of canned wine

Photo via Twitter
Photo via Twitter

Praise be the gods that deliver onto us cheap booze libations, available through low-cost, high-fun stork: Trader Joe’s. The most recent breaking development in affordable alcohol has arrived in the form of $4 four-packs of canned wine, exclusively available at the Union Square Trader Joe’s Wine Shop (138 E 14th St.). 

As of this month, you need shell out no more than $3.99 to acquire four cans worth of sparkling rosé or sparkling white wine. This new, affordable sister drank to beloved Two Buck Chuck is a production of Trader Joe’s exclusive brand Simpler Times, the Kirkland of inexpensive booze. The canned wine is 10 percent alcohol and available for delivery (!!!) in Manhattan.

In other breaking wine news, elsewhere in the world you can also now get rosé in a 40 oz (although not at Trader Joe’s, alas). So, will you get your wine in can, glass, or 40 form, and what does your choice say about your personality and the quality of your soul?

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