Turning your luggage into ads could help you eliminate baggage fees

Look at her, she looks thrilled to be avoiding baggage fees! via Orion
Look at her, she looks thrilled to be avoiding baggage fees! via Orion

Baggage fees, we all hate baggage fees. We hate that so much that we all bring clearly oversized bags onto planes as carry on items and pretend not to hear flight attendants asking if anyone can maybe just check their bag because the cabin is out of room. There’s a way out of this socially graceless phenomenon though, and all it takes is you signing up with a company that will turn your luggage into a rolling ad in exchange for paying your baggage fees. Would you become a walking Minions billboard (and have a GPS installed in your bag, no biggie) in order to never pay baggage fees again?

The offer you could refuse if you want, take or leave it really, comes from Orion Travel Tech. The program Orion is rolling out works as follows: You sign up for two pieces of free luggage that come with ads on the front from partners that range from the beloved (Star Wars, baseball) to the barely tolerated or corrupt (Batman vs. Superman, FIFA). You have some choice in what ads you put on your luggage, so you if you don’t want people giving you their unsolicited opinions about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Rumble in Urban Jungle, you don’t have to deal with that. In exchange for rolling around luggage with ads on it, you get a $50 gift card for your round trip baggage fee, which can then be refilled by Orion when you alert them that you’re traveling again.

The program seems more aimed at frequent air travelers, since after the first six months in the program you’ll have to start paying a $20/year fee to participate in it, and if you only fly once or twice per year you might be more willing to play the awkward “No this bag totally fits” game. And while turning your luggage into a rolling ad sounds a little invasive and depressing, just remember it could always be worse: you could be selling ad space on your face to avoid taking out your student loans.

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