Ditmas Park/ Midwood/ Flatbush

Try the best Cortelyou has to offer for just $20 at Tuesday’s Cortelyou at Twilight

mimi's hummus
Mimi’s Hummus is just one of the places on Cortelyou where things taste better at twilight. via Facebook

So as you may have heard recently, Faye was “warning” everyone off of Ditmas Park because it’s seedy and has a soaring crime rate. “Naw, that can’t be,” you thought to yourself. Well, you can find out just how bad things are down there next Tuesday, October 21, when shops all along Cortelyou Road offer free tastings, special deals and longer hours at Cortelyou at Twighlight

For just $20 (it’s $25 day of, so just commit to something for once in your life), you’ll have access to tastings at places like Mimi’s Hummus, Qathra Cafe and Catskill Bagel. Plus our pals at Sycamore and The Castello Plan will be offering specials of their own, so don’t forget your Beer Books!

Since man cannot live on food and drink alone, you’ll also be able to take a free salsa class at Latin Fever Dance Studio, get a camera tune-up at Gabe’s Camera City (camera required) and the Cortelyou library will be open until 8pm, because maybe you’ve got some overdue fines you’re more likely to pay after being tipsy and full of hummus. Beyond all the deals, all proceeds from the ticket sales themselves go towards supporting local Ditmas Park school PS 139 and PS 217. So, go see what all the fuss is about Tuesday. The terrible fuss.

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