At last, a daily forecast and commute report just for city bikers

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From Bike Snob NYC’s report today. Be on red alert for the PoPo this week, we’re reaching the end of the month and you know what that means

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While a wide variety of news and radio channels, social media platforms, apps and news sites compete to inform New York drivers and straphangers about the day’s traffic conditions, subway delays, and other relevant information, bikers are treated like second-class citizens¬†when it comes to relevant commuting information. Bike Snob NYC wants to change that: the Transportation Alternatives blogger has launched a Daily Bike Forecast, a daily digest of relevant bike news, Citi Bike updates, bike lane statuses and more.

“Every morning, I’ll update you on the weather and provide you with all the information you need to ride your bike that day,” Bike Snob NYC, who’s real name is Eben Weiss, wrote in an email announcing his Forecast, which has been running since January

Weiss, who has been writing his Bike Snob blog since 2007, promises to keep city bikers, “up to date on the cycling zeitgeist with news from New York and beyond” in addition to info on the daily grind.

It’s not easy out there for a biker, but hopefully this will make things just an eensy bit better on the day to day.

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