Bay Ridge/ Bensonhurst

Topless sunbathing arrest not a ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ plot. Yet.

Artist's sketch of the perp enjoying a nice day in the sunshine
Artist’s sketch of the perp enjoying a nice day in the sunshine

Despite the fact that the law on the books is that women can be as topless and free as men are, there are a bunch of prudes out there who don’t want to see boobs. Which is fine if they’re just old grannies or Helen Lovejoys waving their arms impotently, but apparently you’re kind of screwed if the anti-boobite is a cop, as proven by a Brooklyn woman who was arrested for sunbathing topless in Calvert Vaux Park in Bensonhurst. She’s suing now, of course.

Jessica Krigsman, stripper and erotic gal about town, claims that two police officers told her to cover up when she was sitting on a bench at Calvert Vaux last summer. Krigsman tells the Daily News she told the cops that it’s actually legal for her to be topless, and they responded by telling her not to mouth off and then arrested her.

So because she got arrested and the case was pretty quickly dismissed, Calvert is suing the NYPD, and will probably win. Meanwhile, the News found that one of the cops was previously named Cop of the Month for catching a rapist. And somehow, despite all these ingredients coming together, this isn’t a side plot on Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Andy Samberg’s character has to take a class re-learning the law and how not to harass innocent female sunbathers while the rest of the cast solves a wacky murder or something. Maybe next season. Definitely next season.

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