Top 10: The best cheap things to do in Brooklyn this week, musical hydra edition

Many heads make, uh, light music? #10 (Pic by leesan on Flickr)

1. Play hard at the Kickstarter panel Talking Shop: Building Community Around Games, with speakers from Babycastles, Bitsummit, and Indiecade. (Monday, FREE)

2. All aboard for the alt-comedy showcase Night Train, with guest host Aparna Nancherla, and featuring comedians Rob Cantrell, Ayanna Dookie, Guy Branum, and Robert Dean. (Monday, FREE)

3. Be poetic at Mental Marginalia, featuring Nicole Steinberg, Gregory Crosby, Sara Jane Stoner, and Emily Skillings. (Tuesday, FREE)

4. Get sinister at Morbid Anatomy with Movie Mike’s screening of a 19th-century film starring John Carradine as a puppeteer operating a diabolical marionette opera. (Tuesday, $10)

5. Kick some ass and drink some beer in McCarren Park with the SummerScreen showing of Dazed & Confused. (Wednesday, FREE)

6. Go far out at Videology with Oh My Science’s What About Aliens?, a TV documentary that’s also a live comedy show. (Wednesday, FREE)

7. Make a match for a pal at Jo Firestone’s Friends of Single People, a live dating game where you answer questions onstage on behalf of your buddy. (Thursday, $5)

8. Get real weird with the Lumiphonic Creature Choir, a 12-headed interactive music and sculptural installation. (Thursday, $10)

9. Shake your booty real quiet-like at the Grove Alley Silent Disco, featuring Talib Kweli, DJ Joro Boro, and more. (Friday, $5)

10. Watch comics get animated—literally—at Animation Block Party’s Picture This, featuring comedy by Danny Tamberelli and Liza Treyger, animation by Bryan Brinkman and Edmond Hawkins, and many more. (Friday, FREE)

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