Tonight in Williamsburg: Giant pie fight!

ny clown theatre festival
Clowns being hit by pies. What else do you need? via Facebook

Williamsburg, it’s nothing by clowns, amirite? While you bury your head in your hands at the utter staleness of that joke, the people who managed to get through it will be let in on a fun piece of news. Tonight in Williamsburg at The Brick Theatre (579 Metropolitan Avenue), there’s going to be a giant pie fight involving clowns, and if you want, involving you. Get that pie throwing arm ready!The pie fight, which will involve people dressed up as clowns and you, dressed in, we don’t know, a basketball jersey or some bullshit, is being held to kick off the NY Clown Theatre Festival at The Brick. The festival is a month-long celebration of all things clown, with plenty of clown-themed plays for your liking, unless you’re deathly terrified of clown. In which case avoid this at all costs.

About that pie fight though! The fight commences at about 6:30 tonight at The Brick, after the clowns have made their way there from Union Square on their opening night clown parade. Once there, you can either watch people throw whipped cream pies at each other or you can join the fun yourself. We don’t know why anyone would go to a pie fight just to¬†watch, but hey, you can do that if you want. Apparently in the chaos, someone is actually crowned pie fighting champion. Go out and get it! It’ll be something you can lord over those people from Peoria who said you’d never amount to anything.

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