Tonight, eat $1 pizza to help solve (other people’s) hunger

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Nothing beats a pizza party. via Slice Out Hunger

No one can deny the delicious power of a slice of pizza. Or even three of four or ten. The problem is that when you start paying two bucks a slice or more, eating ten slices of pizza gets kind of expensive. So aren’t you fortunate that tonight you can buy slices of pizza from some of New York’s best pizzerias for just $1. Whaaat? Don’t worry, it’s not a scam, all the money you spend on pizza at tonight’s Slice Out Hunger will go towards the Food Bank for NYC. It’s a win-win!Slice Out Hunger works pretty simply: you show up at St. Anthony’s Church (154 Sullivan Street, Soho) at 6pm, and you pay however much money you’d like for individual tickets. Each ticket is a dollar, every slice of pizza at the church only costs one dollar, and all of your dollars go towards helping efforts to fight hunger. Both yours, and that of people actually suffering from it.

And oh the pizza you can choose from. Unlike BK’s usual dollar slices, you’re choosing from the the upper crust of pizza royalty in the city, with places Barboncino, DiFara, Motorino, Grimaldi’s and many more serving you hunger-fighting slices. 43 pizzerias to be exact, so if you want to be a very charitable, very crazy individual, you could eat 43 slices of pizza for under fifty bucks. But don’t try that and get sick all over everyone. But if you do want to spend more than just the five bucks you’ll spend on pizza, you can also buy tickets to enter a raffle, with prizes like a $100 Seamless gift card, a pizza making course valued at $300 and a $75 gift certificate to Paulie Gee’s. Really unless you’ve got something better to do tonight than eat AWESOME ONE DOLLAR PIZZA, you should be at St. Anthony’s.

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