This Thursday: a Brokelyn BeerUp at The Narrows!

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The Narrows patio. Photo via Brownstoner

It’s a great week if you’re a Brokelyn reader who loves beer, and an even better one if you were lucky enough to nab a 2011 Brokelyn Beer Book: we’re hosting our second BeerUp (meetup + beer) at The Narrows in Bushwick on Thursday! The BeerUp is a chance to get together to have some boozy fun on a school night and revel in some spring-enabled patio drinkin’. The Narrows, which a Yelp reviewer describes as “Sexy. Sophisticated. Mysterious,” specializes in microbrews, custom cocktails and a lovely shot-and-a-beer special featuring jalepeno tequila (stay tuned for a full Bar of the Week feature tomorrow). Team Brokelyn will be there from 7pm until question mark (at least 11, but probably later). Come join us and use your Beer Book coupon, or just come say hi and have a drink with us! And stay tuned for more BeerUp events featuring our Beer Book bars throughout the year.

Brokelyn BeerUp at The Narrows (1037 Flushing Ave. at Morgan stop) 7pm Thursday May 5. We’ll be the ones in the Brokelyn t-shirts!

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