This sounds rad: Peruse thousands of artist sketchbooks, and add your own

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A library full of sketchbooks awaits.

If you’ve ever felt isolated in your artistic genius as you sit at home scratching away in your notebook, you should probably check out the Sketchbook Project opening at Williamsburg’s Art House Co-op on April 14. As the Brooklyn Paper reports, it’s a collection of more than 20,000 sketchbooks from artists around the world, amassing two million pages of drawings and doodles from the past year. You get a library card and chan check them out before the books go on a 13-city tour at the end of the month. If this kind of thing tickles your artistic pickle, you should keep an eye out for when you can apply for the next program: you get a sketchbook to fill up based on a loose theme, and then you send it back to the Project to be cataloged among the other thousands. The bonus is that they let you track your sketchbook by viewing real-time stats online and sending you an email every time the sketchbook is viewed (which could be a bit of an confidence-destroyer, come to think of it). It’s free to view the books, and who knows what kind of strange genius you’ll find buried in the stacks?

Sketchbook ProjectBrooklyn Art Library at the Art House Co-op, April 14-30, 6pm – 10pm, 103A N. 3rd St. Williamsburg.

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