The Bushwick Block Party’s promo video is terrifyingly awesome

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Dear friends in Bushwick: if you want to successfully lure the rest of us out of our brownstone Brooklyn comfort zone, do this from now on, because this video promo for next weekend’s free Bushwick Block Party is INSANE AND TERRIFYING yet still intriguing all at the same time, and has that only-in-Bushwick aesthetic to it. You don’t have to hold all these kinds of events to get us out there, btw; just make a video like this and we’ll be over. [vid is slightly NSFW, especially if you work in a place full of Puritan epileptics]:

But then again, how else would you promote Andrew WK coming to your hood?

Not only does the party feature a crap ton of music, food, a Water World (?) and a special Tiki Disco at Roberta’s, Bushwick Daily reports Roberta’s will be giving away free slices of margherita pizza from 12-2pm.

[Obligatory Andrew WK PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY reference]. Details on the party here.

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