There’s a place where people actually use NYC Condoms…the Dominican Republic

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First thing you see when you walk in a Dominican pharmacy. via Facebook

Remember New York’s sex crisis, in which 68% of New Yorkers said they never used condoms when boning? Hopefully you do, and you remembered to wear two from now on. But, new news today suggest that people are using NYC Condoms at least. It’s just that the people using them are in the Dominican Republic, where smuggled NYC Condoms are winding up being sold for 50 cents each according to the Daily News.

The paper talked to a Dominican pharmacy owner who said that pharmacies on the island buy the condoms from a distributor before reselling them at half the cost of a condom from Durex. The scandal part of this comes from the fact that New York City pays to manufacture the condoms, but does it so that they can be used by New Yorkers, not so they can be resold by store owners who agree to put the rubbers out.

The Health Department confirmed to the News that they’ve caught some businesses shipping the condoms off, but then, this sounds like a natural reaction to us. What would you do if you were a nail salon or a bar and you were staring at the same bowl of condoms every damn day and no one used them? It’s wrong, but understandable. Still, ticket scalpers are the reason the Nets say they had to stop selling $15 tickets to their games, so if Brett Yormark gets a position at the Department of Health sometime soon, we’ll know our condom gravy train is over.

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