Sex crisis: 85% of Greenpointers don’t use condoms

nyc condom
“Huh? What stash” – Greenpoint

When you’re out at the bar, or at the club, or at the dance party trying to get your goose fed, do you keep in mind that you should wrap that shit up? Be honest, this is a safe space. Also, we know you’re lying if you said that of course you do, because the Department of Health’s Community Health Survey for 2012 released its numbers a few months back, and 68.2% of the whole city said they didn’t use a condom when they last had sex. The leader of the pack? Greenpoint, where a staggering 85.8% of people decide to throw caution to the wind.

Now, we suppose we could cut some slack here, and account for married people and people in committed relationships who have a different form of birth control. But still, 85% Greenpoint? And you don’t want people to think that your neighborhood is basically just a real-life version Girls? You weren’t all just waiting for the free magnum-sized condoms, were you? Don’t forget, science claims it feels just as good to have sex with a condom. What are you, better than science?

Of course, it’s not like the rest of us are doing anything to knock down that citywide number of 68.2% of people not using condoms. In Williamsburg and Buhwick, the raw doggers come in at 70.8% of the sex-having population, Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst had 67.2% of their population putting off prophylactics and in Coney Island, 75.2% of the people having sex just shrugged and dove right in. We are one irresponsible city, so it’s a good thing there’s plenty of free tests for the morning after.


  1. giraffedrd

    Well that’s going to be a lot of really stupid people with herpes and AIDS and who know what else. Better them than me. Really REALLY bad decisions.

    • I have herpes. I got it from someone who I dated for months and only had protected sex with. It’s spread whether you use a condom or not (again, I only used a condom with him, 100% of the time) – all you need is your skin to touch someone else’s skin. He didn’t have any symptoms (a lot of people are just carriers of the virus), and had no idea that he had it (health professionals don’t bother to routinely test for it). It’s possible to get it from someone performing oral sex on you, for that matter, which is maybe how I got it.

      The reason I say this is because: please don’t stigmatize people who have the virus as people who are necessarily unsafe or were stupid people begging to get it because of their actions – a virgin could give it to someone orally. It’s an incredibly common (more people have it than have asthma) virus that is incredibly easy to spread – it’s not necessarily this nightmareish virus that causes huge discomfort. I get a painless bump on my penis – end of story. It’s basically a skin condition for me.

      Oh, and by the way, the only reason why there’s a stigma to begin with is because a drug company created one in the late 70s to help market an antiviral drug they had created that wasn’t doing well. Before then herpes wasn’t even considered an STD. And again, doctors will not test you for it unless you are having symptoms – my doctor gave me a shrug when he told me that’s what he thought it was. As he should have.

      Also, please don’t stigmatize people with HIV, as well. You don’t know how someone got it (and it shouldn’t matter). It’s stupid to not use protection, absolutely. Let’s educate people about condom usage without the high-horsed shame.

      • Take a minute to slip off that condom-wearing high horse, giraffedrd. These things are clearly more common than you think and you don’t have to be stupid to get them. MJP, what a reasonable, personable reply! Kudos.

        This is a great article, both for its education (yikes!) and entertainment value.

        • you do -not- have to be stupid to get an sti. but you are still stupid if you aren’t wearing condoms when you’re ha vining sex with people who haven’t been tested for all sti’s and aren’t usin other birth control.

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