Pay your old books forward this Saturday

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Donating books is cool: just ask actor Lavar Burton.

Do you really need both paperback and hardcover versions of all the Dan Brown books you own? You probably can rid yourself of those raw-food cookbooks from your dirty hippie ex too. Be generous, green and ready for wholesome fun by donating those books to The Great American Book Drive on Saturday! The drive benefits Brooklyn Public Library and Better World Books, and will be from 10am-3pm, outside of BPL at Grand Army Plaza. Since its founding in 2003, Better World Books has raised more than $10 million for libraries and literacy projects by reselling books online, donated and recycled more than 62 million books and reached 29,000 tons of carbon offsets. So yes, feel compelled to donate your books for literacy and the environment. You’ll also be treated to a performance of non-grating children’s’ music by Spanglish band Moona Luna, and tempted to replenish your clutter at the used book sale. But don’t take ourword for it…

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