The BK invasion of Sweden: Yes, there are picklebacks

Titta på den här jävla hipster. Photo by Johan Knobe
Titta på den här jävla hipster. Photo by Johan Knobe

We previously brought you news of Brooklyn Brewery expanding their operations to Sweden, of all places. Was it because Steve Hindy really loves Robyn, or wants to get in good with the Swedish National Bikini team? Both are possibilities, but the only confirmed reason for the move right now is that Sweden is the new Brooklyn. And not in a “Stockholm is cool according to Forbes” way. New York Magazine went across the sea to check out the scene there and it turns out everyone has beards, flannel and listens to Sigur Ros. Well OK, maybe they have more of a claim on that last one.

New York talked to people around the country who were more than happy to share the news that Brooklyn is a euphemism for “cool” over in the land of ABBA. There are drinks named “Park Slope Collins” a bar that’s just straight up called Bar Brooklyn (sadly, it is not in the beer book. Maybe next year) and young people there are getting into picklebacks, artisan food and bicycle caps. Oh, and Brooklyn Lager, which is going to be in every Swedish state run liquor store by September, despite only being able to be found in 25 states in the US.

There are haters of course, ones native to Sweden, not ridiculous “authentic real Brooklynites.” And they seem a little more laid back, European, about their doubts. “You can just slap the word ‘Brooklyn’ on anything and every fucking hipster will buy it,” one Stockholm resident told the mag. The owner of Flippin’ Burgers, an American themed restaurant (LOLwut?)  said he doesn’t stock Brooklyn Lager because it’s too trendy of course. What can you get on tap there? PBR, of course.

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