Call your girlfriend: Brooklyn Brewery to open shop in Sweden

What else is there to say? Photo by Brooklyn Brewery.
What else is there to say? Photo by Brooklyn Brewery.

There’s not much crossflow in cultural knowledge between Brooklyn and Sweden. Thanks to them, we’ve got Vikings, Swedish Fish candies, meatballs, Ikea (obviously), and this one songwriting competition about the G train whose winner was sent to Sweden. It’s not a very extensive list, but now we have a big bragging right that we can tag onto it: the building of a Brooklyn Brewery in Stockholm. Hopefully they don’t take our champion, The Defender, with them.

Brooklyn Brewery excitedly announced the expansion on its website, listing off the endless possibilities of quality and craftsmanship before cruelly mentioning that these products will initially only be available in Sweden. That being said, perhaps next time we are in Stockholm, we can swing by the facility for a little taste of home. The waterfront brewery will have the capacity for 8,000 barrels and 250 visitors. There are also plans for engaging local food vendors in this project, which in only our wildest dreams means a Brooklyn Brewery with a meatball-abundant food court.

Why Stockholm? “It begins with the mutual appreciation of beer, food, music, art and all around good culture shared by Brooklyn and Sweden,” they explain. They even go so far as to suggest that Sweden may be the new Brooklyn. And while at first this seems like a bit of a stretch (especially since Sweden is a country and Brooklyn is the planet), once you think about it, well, they’re kind of right. The Swedes gave us ABBA and The Knife. Brooklyn Brewery gave them this all-Brooklyn music festival (perhaps as a peace offering for breaking ground) this past summer. They discovered Robyn! And by god, where would we be without Robyn?

We look forward to our Stockholm dopplegangers writing a blog post about how to get their enormous haul from the brewery tour home to their lägenhets (apartments).

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