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Free streetside couch might not be so free

Greenpoint curbside, photo by Flickr user mugsniffer

As if fears of secondhand bed bugs weren’t enough, the Daily News reported yesterday about a Park Slope man hit with a $100 fine after leaving his dresser curbside in hopes some other Brooklynite in need would pick it up. Gothamist follows up: not only is it illegal to leave bulk trash when it’s not a regularly scheduled trash day, you could also land a $100 fine for picking up that curbside lamp, table or dresser. And if you try to load it into a car, you could face a staggering $2,000 fine. “I feel like the system of putting furniture on the street for others is a deep-rooted part of Park Slope culture,” the fine victim vented in a Park Slope parents forum, according to the Daily News. So if you’re worried about being taxed for your attempted benevolence, you can turn to Brooklyn FreeCycle or ye olde Craigslist freebies section. Or if you just want to get rid of it ASAP, there’s plenty of ways to do that too.

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  1. An acquaintance of mine in north Brooklyn was fined and paid $2000. for picking up and putting in his truck an old gas stove. The cop told him that the truck as transport was the clincher for the crime. It’s a wasteful and ridiculous law.

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