Sweet burlesque and 10 other free ways to spend the week

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Dulce DeLeche hosts a tasty evening at Beauty Bar, Thursday

1. Learn all about the decline of Western civilization. Spoiler alert: it’s all Poison’s fault (Monday)

2. Judges be shoppin activisting: good thing or bad thing? (Monday)

3. It’s the year’s first Slurring Bee, so get in shape today by drinking whiskey and reading the dictionary (Tuesday)

4. Listen to some murder ballads, which is usually safer than going out and committing murders. Usually (Tuesday)

5. Nick Flynn drops in to Book Court to share his story of watching the filming of the movie based on his life. Very relatable, we’ve all been there (Wednesday)

6. Adam Mansbach, author of Go the Fuck to Sleep, has a new novel about graffiti. So go the fuck to Powerhouse Arena (Wednesday)

7. Dale Radio records their first podcast of the year. Don’t worry, you can go if your name isn’t Dale (Thursday)

8. Hop aboard Greenlight Books’ Steamboat, which will have Janeane Garofalo as a passenger (Thursday)

9. Learn the (awesome) truth about lesbians, according to 1965 (Thursday)

10. Check out some sweet burlesque, hosted by Dulce DeLeche, at the Beauty Bar. You get it? Sweet? You get it (Thursday)

11. It’s the 20th anniversary of Body of Evidence, so Party Like it’s 1999 is gonna celebrate with a dance party. Though to be fair, that’s how they celebrate everything (Friday)

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