Sweden continues copying BK, has a politician tweet a dick pic

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Min dåliga, y’all. via France 24

So we’ve heard all about how Brooklyn can’t get enough of Sweden and Sweden can’t get enough of Brooklyn. You’d think the political scenes of the freezing socialist kingdom and our own land ruled over by a (mostly) benevolent billionaire wouldn’t necessarily overlap, but today you’d be wrong, because Swedish politics had their own dick pic scandal. But of course everyone was much more laid back and European about the whole thing.

Lars Ohly, the former leader of the Swedish Labor Party was just trying to show off the new tattoo on his leg, when his giant dog turned out to make a small cameo in the background. According to France 24, Ohly’s political opponents and supporters alike had fun with the whole thing, although we’re not sure if it’s because the penis picture genuinely seems accidental or if because Ohly isn’t a being made of pure ego and poor judgement. Either way, we can only hope they don’t decide to implement stop-and-frisk because they think we do it ironically around these parts.

[h/t New York Magazine]

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