Sweatin’ to the not-so-oldies: free 80s aerobics classes

Don't throw out those leg warmers just yet

I always wondered where it was still acceptable to tease your hair a foot high and rock some lace gloves —and the answer, of course, is in Williamsburg: Grab your scrunchies, leg warmers and cutoff denim vests, because the 80s are back(!) at The L Trainer, a fitness studio offering free 80s aerobics classes on Tuesdays. So besides an opportunity to dress up, what does it provide? Studio owner Camille Eroy-Reveles tells Gothamist: “There is a tendency in the fitness industry to take things too seriously. But when you have a neon headband and leotard on you get back to what exercise is really about—having fun and feeling good.” This isn’t an Equinox, so don’t feel guilty about having some fun with your workout routine. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet the next Ferris Bueller while you do the Jane Fonda. Sweating to the Oldies — for free! The L Trainer, at 118 N. 11th Street, 8pm.

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