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Sunday in Bushwick: A serious discussion (and jokes) about gentrification

The perfect setting for a discussion about the issues facing New York today. via Facebook

Gentrification is having a bit of a moment, what with rants by famous directors, think pieces, counter-think pieces, counter-counter think pieces and even legislative action all focused on it. The only thing that could possibly make this already fraught conversation better would be having it in front of a beer-soaked audience and then doing stand up comedy about it. Fortunately, talk show LNNY is doing just that, with a free taping for their new episode, dealing with gentrification, going down in Bushwick on Sunday night.

LNNY, which stands for Late Night New York, is a live talk show and stand up comedy show that deals with issues facing New Yorkers. And since gentrification is such a huge deal right now, isn’t it perfect that the show’s second season is premiering with an episode focused on gentrification.

The first half of the show will involve host Justin Williams talking to housing activist Rachel LaForest, the executive director of advocacy group Right to the City about the serious side of the topic. Following that, eight other comedians, including our pal Jo Firestone, will do material about gentrification so we can answer the question of whether you can wring some humor out of it. Spoiler alert: Yes.

LNNY Live Taping, Sunday, March 9, 7pm, Shio Studio, 195 Morgan Avenue #313, Bushwick, FREE

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