Happy days are just a month away: Your official summer 2016 countdown calendar

It's coming, get your Brokelyn tattoos out.
It’s coming, get your Brokelyn tattoos out. Featuring Brokelyn celebrity summer spokesman Dave Colon. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The temperature outside is a brisk 30 degrees and the memories of last weekend’s city wide ice planet freeze are probably still fresh in your mind. So you may be thinking, after reading this headline, that that ol’ Tim, he loves summer so much it’s driving him mad with fruitless optimism. But lo! Did you know that here, in the depths of February, we are but one moth away from the very first sign that summer is coming? It’s true! On March 20 we start hammering away at this ice cocoon, stop worrying about losing scarves at bars and start counting down the days to jorts weather. Here, for your late February hopefulness going into the weekend, we bring you the official summer 2016 countdown calendar. Use it as an advent calendar for the benchmarks of the season, except instead of taking out a piece of chocolate for each date you can take off a piece of winter clothing and bury it deep, deep underground.


-The Coney Island job fair is underway. If you’re tired of your office not having a ferris wheel and want to spend all summer living out your boardie dreams, this is your chance.


Luna Park and Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park open! That’s a month away! Get yer butt on the Cyclone and rattle out the winter blues and also possibly your lunch, or get on the Wonder Wheel and gaze from on high in glory at your soon-to-be-summer kingdom.

-First day of spring. That’s like summer’s amuse-bouche.


-First Mets game of the season! #LGM

-Smorgasubrg opens in Prospect Park. Eating in a park is a very non-winter thing to do.


Habana Outpost opens. Outdoor drinking season has officially started!


-The Celebrate Brooklyn free concert schedule is released. Fill up your google calendar with all the free summer events season has started.

-The Brooklyn Bridge Park movie schedule is released.

Gowanus Yacht Club opens (or sometimes early May, depending on the weather). It’s the only yacht club we’ll ever be a part of but we are lifetime members.


-Captain America: Civil War is released, kicking off the summer movie season. That’s right, Batman v Superman v Low Expectations, you had to cede this honor to Captain America, because summer is America.

governors island
That could be you, on that bike. via Facebook

MAY 28

Governors Island opens. A world away, a short ferry ride away.

MAY 30

Memorial Day! Everything starts! The beaches (officially) open, the NYC Beach Bus starts running, Rippers in Rockaway usually opens and Prospect Park is full every weekend. IT’S BASICALLY SUMMER NOW OK?

Built To Sunset #NorthsideFest #dadrock [📷: @meghannn]

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JUNE 9-12

Northside Festival takes over north Brooklyn. Day druuuunk on Bedford Avenue, listening to music in tons of venues and thinking “who needs Coachella?”


-The first Brooklyn Cyclones game of the season. It’s the best baseball team in America that’s named after a roller coaster. Go ‘clones!


-The 34th annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Summer officially takes over NYC when the mermaids crawl out of the ocean and walk down the boardwalk. You can also usually catch the mayor in a funny outfit.

At Rippers, peak summer spot. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.
At Rippers, peak summer spot. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JUNE 20~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


JUNE 27 (probably)

NYC public pools open (and they’re all free)

JUNE 27-AUG. 30

Go to the beach every weekend and also on weekdays. Live your best life. You might be dead in September, who knows.

If we left out any important summer benchmarks, let us know in the comments. 


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