The NYC Beach Bus is going to Fire Island and Jones Beach this summer

fire island
It’s time for new beaches. via Flickr user Randy Levine

It seems like we’re motoring past that whole “spring” thing that sometimes show up in New York, which means you might be getting the impulse to pile into the car and take a trip to the beach. Well, not the car actually, Millennials don’t own those. Instead, it’s almost time to pile into the NYC Beach Bus‘ school busses and get whisked along bumpily to the beach. And because summer is a time for new experiences and long trips, the Beach Bus is going all the way out to Jones Beach, Robert Moses STate Park and Fire Island this year. The summer can’t start soon enough.

In case you were nervous about it, the Beach Bus will still be heading to your old favorites in Rockaway, with Riis Park and Beach 95th Street (instead of Beach 84th) every weekend for $9 one way and $12 round trips, with the season kicking off May 23. You also get a free beer from Sixpoint or iced coffee from Chameleon Cold Brew with you trip as per usual, and this year the Beach Bus will also rent you a beach chair or umbrella at Jacob Riis. Chairs will go for $10 and umbrellas for $5, and you can book them with your ticket on the Beach Bus website, which helps the notoriously forgetful or under-equipped.

Even more exciting is that this year’s busses have air conditioning, according to an email from the NYC Beach Bus team. And you’re gonna need that, going all the way out to the suburban beaches of Fire Island, Robert Moses State Park and Jones Beach.┬áThe trips out to the three new beaches start June 21 and will run you $25 for a round trip, which is as good as its gonna get for almost being chauffeured to these beaches you can usually only reach by car or combination of bus and train. Even better, this trip provides urban design nerds a chance to spiritually shiv Robert Moses by using easy mass transportation to get to his beloved car-friendly beaches out in the far reaches of Nassau and Suffolk. Build a highway over this good time, dead guy.

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