These scary subway stories are almost more horrifying than reality

Public transportation is not a definitively emotional entity, but in a city so dependent on it, despite its consistent unreliability, as New York City, it quickly becomes the source of a great deal of anxiety, stress and yes, fear. This could be a fear of Post headline crime occurrences, a realistic fear of being late, or the kind of fear which would be understandable most places – closed spaces, human stampede, the darkness of a tunnel, having your head crammed into a tall man’s armpit while a stranger’s child leans on your leg – but in NYC is a daily occurrence.

A former New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, Andrew Duncan Farmer, took his tradition of posting scary Halloween stories to Facebook each year to the next level this season, and created an illustrated tale for every single subway line (so, 23 stories. Full credit for only including one S story, despite the Franklin Avenue Shuttle and the Times Square Shuttle clearly having deeply different personalities and no intersecting tracks). This spoopiest of Tumblr blogs includes stories with bone-chilling titles like “Insufficient Fare,” “Brunch in Williamsburg,” and “Bedbug.” The goosebump-inducing art is done by Bats Langley.

The stories convey their horror quickly, and it’ll be more of a fairytale than a nightmare if you can get to work in the time it takes to read one, or even five of them.

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