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Look, the Starbucks in Williamsburg doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. In due time the Illuminati will use the knowledge they glean from the neighborhood and wipe us all out anyway. In the the mean time though, we may as well have fun hanging out at local businesses that give us a reason to, like The West Brooklyn, the coffee shop/bar that hosts art nights and trivia nights and poetry readings and is a block away from where Starbucks set up shop. The West is having a 4th birthday party tonight and there’s gonna be free alcohol and merriment, and you can’t get that at Starbucks, so take that Illuminati!

Even if you couldn’t see this birthday party as a subtle stick in the eye to Starbucks/chains/the Illuminati, The West’s 4th birthday bash sounds fun as hell. Starting at 8pm, there’s an open bar with beer and cocktails for “an hour or two” according to an employee we spoke to at the coffee shop, along with free hors d’oeuvres. Even once you have to start paying for beer and liquor, there’s going to be Mae West trivia, with prizes from the Brooklyn Roasting Company and other local businesses. Then there’s going to be dancing, courtesy of tunes from DJ Benny B. One day we’ll all be washed away by #brands, but for now, we may as well celebrate.

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