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The state of Brooklyn dating 2017: Who’s banging who, and which grocery stores are they doing it in?

Via @BrooklynCartoons on Instagram.
Via @BrooklynCartoons on Instagram.

What’s the state of Brooklyn dating in 2017? These reports today give us a pretty good snapshot of where you’re banging, who you’re banging and how far you’re willing to travel for it:

All about the Bush: Bushwick Daily surveyed 350 neighborhood residents to get the lowdown on their downlow and dirty sex habits. It turns out, 47 percent of responders were single and 27 percent have had sex in a bar bathroom. Plus there’s lots of sticky details about fingerbanging in a warehouse party and smashing (more that avocados) in the Hana food market, with juicy quotes such as:

“I have slept with a lot of Manhattan men, but Bushwick men have better beards anyway, and what a girl wouldn’t want that extra fluff around her vagina.”

OKCupid meets Google Maps: DNAinfo asked OKCupid for some demographic data that reveals how people in every neighborhood use the dating app — and how far they’re willing to travel to meet a stranger from the internet. They presented the data in a searchable database so you can see how far people in your nabe are willing to travel for a date.

“The demographic group most likely to go the distance for love were bisexual women between the ages of 35 and 39, who messaged men with a median distance away of 33 miles — approximately the equivalent of Danbury, Connecticut.”

Fall in love with NYC all over again: DNAinfo also rounded up a list of 28 romantic movies set in the city, and where to watch them. It somehow omits Muppets Take Manhattan, the only true love story ever made.

Burg beauts are the most datable: Based on data culled from likely unsuspecting users of dating app Hinge, real estate site StreetEasy has determined Williamsburg is both home to the most single 30-somethings and some of the most often “saved” profile holders on the app. Meanwhile, users in Fort Greene were most likely to meet IRL, Bushwhackers were most open to meeting new people, and Greenpointers were “most likely to know what they want.” Brooklyn Heights made number two on StreetEasy’s list of the five most popular neighborhoods for dating in Brooklyn

Park Slope’s Babeland just got sexier: Workers at Brooklyn’s only Babeland outlet, which sells sex toys on Bergen Street, right on the Prospect Heights/Park Slope border, have finally ratified a new contract with better working conditions, DNAinfo reported. Their union’s new agreement earns employees staggered pay hikes, health insurance for more workers, and better job security.

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