Start summer at the Gowanus Yacht Club and 10 other weekend ideas

Just like our hearts
Just like our hearts

1. Go to the Gowanus Yacht Club, because summer (Friday)

2. Head to Brooklyn Fireproof, will they will take you back in time, to the 19th century. Steampunk attire encouraged (Friday)

3. You might think this reading at Unnameable Books is like any other reading, but there’s a twist: it’s outdoors

4. Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you anything from reclaiming vacant public land to making your own ricotta cheese, and it’s all free (Saturday)

5. Have or having a baby? Check out the Brooklyn BabyFEST for all your baby needs. Don’t have a baby? Well, no sense in you being up before 4 then anyway (Saturday)

6. Decide who the pride of Brooklyn is by drinking a bunch of homebrewed beer, giving people hugs for making you beer (Saturday)

7. Hey nerds, it’s time to dance to chiptunes again at Pulsewave, at Brooklyn Launchpad. Here’s a chiptune version of “Thrift Shop” to get you all worked up (Saturday)

8. Fight cancer with dogs dressed in costumes? Yes please (Sunday)

9. Freddy’s Obsolete Cinema Club gets into some get-rich-quick schemes with Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor. Look for Mets owner Fred Wilpon to be there taking detailed notes (Sunday)

10. Buy some Mombucha, help wreck AIDS, at the Zaarly Bazaar (Sunday)

11. Get a reminder that things could be much much worse by checking out a screening of Metropolis. At least it has a live musical accompaniment (Sunday)

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