Find a bike or rent your spare with this Airbnb for bike rentals

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While we’re all waiting for the city’s bike share program to launch (still no official date, btw), here’s another alternative. Spinlister is a company that basically takes the Airbnb model and applies it to bikes: you search on the site for a bike near you and see what people are willing to let you use it for. And if you’ve got an extra set of wheels you don’t use that much, you can put it on Spinlister to make some cash off it, instead of letting it rot tied to your front gate.A quick search revealed a few decent choices in my area, all in the $15-$30 rental rate per day. You can also rent them per hour or per week. A lot of them come with locks, lights and bells included in the prices.

If you’re renting your bike, you can set your own prices. Spinlister takes a 12.5 percent service fee. Right now it’s only in New York and San Francisco, but the site says it will be expanding soon. UPDATE: They do offer insurance, up to $5,000 if your bike is stolen/damaged.

[h/t Greenpointers.]

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  1. Who’s accountable if the bike is stolen while being leased out? I get hives thinking about other people locking my bike up the ‘wrong’ way.

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