Spend time with some real characters and 13 other free ways to enjoy the week

chris gethard
Chris Gethard will be at the BRIC House and will hopefully be able to finish his story about Gatorland this time. via Facebook

1. Illustrators Julia Rothman and Wendy MacNaughton talk about their books about drawing their respective cities, New York and San Francisco. Go cheer for New York, but only for New York (Monday)

2. The Simpsons Club has a timely episode, given the events starring one Cliven Bundy, about gun rights and shooting your way out of your problems (Monday)

3. See Mike Doughty, Chris Gethard, Bob Powers and more people tell some stories at a special edition of storytelling series Real Characters at BRIC House (Tuesday)

4. Over the Eight is hosting a night of talking evolution and and how terrifying parasite wasps somehow fit in to it, courtesy of scientists gathered up by the Empiricist League (Tuesday)

5. Variety show Backfat welcomes Brokelyn-approved comedian Mike Lawrence, Elna Baker and more to their apparently New York Times-approved show at 61 Local. Guess they don’t need us anymore (Tuesday)

6. Touring pirate-play Bully Me Down lands at Freddy’s for two days of swashbuckling, but pretend swashbuckling, so no one really gets stabbed. We think? We hope (Tuesday and Wednesday)

7. In Game of Thrones bingo at Videology, you BINGO or you die. Nah, actually if you win you get a cool GoT beer stein, but you can stay alive if you don’t win. Isn’t that nice? (Wednesday)

8. Socially-aware comedy show the Cause B Show is trying to help Bushwick orginzation [email protected], so buy some beers and laugh at Michelle Wolf, Jermaine Fowler and three other comics (Wednesday)

9. WORD presents a marathon, splendifourous, jumbo-sized reading at their store as 20 Lambda Award-nominated authors present readings from their works (Thursday)

10. It’s time for the May First Thursday in DUMBO, and god dammit, we gotta start walking around and acting like it’s warm out at some point. So let’s start here (Thursday)

11. The brain trust behind Ample Hills will be talking their wonderful ice cream at Greenlight, but more importantly, they’ll have their ice cream bike there and you can try it out (Thursday)

12. Serial wedding-attender, and talented professional writer, Jen Doll will be talking about her book Save the Date at BookCourt. Which is about the weddings, but also life (Friday)

13. First Frightdays at Videology has a double feature of schlocky second sequels, with Sleepaway Camp III and Ninja III. They’ll both be funny, but see which is worse (better? bettorse?) (Friday)

14. BK natives and comedians Patrick J. Reilly and Lawson Leong have put together a comedy lineup at Two Moon Cafe with the likes of Josh Gondelman and three more comics, but you don’t have to be a native to attend. But we’d still bone up ways to know you live in Brooklyn (Friday)

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