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Winos of Crown Heights, unite. At least if you can afford a $10 to $16 glass of wine, unite, because you’re getting yourselves a fancy new wine bar, with Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Winery getting the go-ahead to expand to the neighborhood according to DNA Info. Then again, if you’re paying those prices for wine, you’re probably not a wino in the traditional sense of the word, are you? Something to think about when you’ve had a few.

Yes, despite the dearth of “Crown Heights is the new Williamsburg” trend stories (that’s still Bed-Stuy, last time we checked), an honest-to-goodness Williamsburg institution is coming to Crown Heights. The exact location of the second Brooklyn Winery will be 747 Franklin Avenue, which is close enough to Franklin Park or Chavela’s to get soused on wine before dancing or eating a ton of Mexican food. Is that a thing people do?

Guess you’ll be able to as long as the State Liquor Authority approves the Winery’s liquor license application, since Community Board 8 has done that already. To their credit, Brooklyn Winery’s owners didn’t tell CB8 any lies about how the spot would be cheap, but hopefully more to their credit, they’ll import the Williamsburg location’s $10 off bottles and carafes/$2 off glasses happy hour to Crown Heights.

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