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North Brooklyn’s best wine happy hours and cheap wine deals

north brooklyn wine happy hours
You don’t have to be a Lannister to love wine

Brokelyn’s collective enthusiasm for dive round-ups and Beer Books is something near and dear to my heart, but I confess that wine is my preferred libation just about always. While discounted beer and well drinks are a dime a dozen, the cold, bubbly fact is that wine is rarely invited to happy hour. Perhaps wine’s European aura implies dollar signs, or the fact that it comes in smaller bottles than liquor – with annoying corks, at that – or maybe it’s because “tempranillo” is harder to pronounce than “ale,” but people seem to think wine is too fancy for happy hour. THAT’S NOT TRUE.

I won’t be fated to a life where my only options are expensive wine at a bar or cheap old grapes at home… and if committed to going out, I’d like to be somewhere $20 gets me three glasses rather than two. I’ve found bars with awesome wine happy hours for me, and therefore I found bars with awesome wine happy hours for us.


miles bushwick
Photo by Travis Dubreuil, courtesy of Miles

101 Wilson Ave between Starr and Troutman St

Try their Wino Wednesday for 20% off bottles of wine all night.

Radio Bushwick 
22 Wyckoff Ave between Starr and Troutman

2-for-1 everything every day from 6pm-8pm, which is nice, because wine starts at $6.

Café Ghia 
24 Irving Ave at Jefferson St

Well-priced wines by the glass, ranging from $5-8, but during happy hour (3pm-6pm, Monday-Friday) enjoy $2 off these wines. BOOM.

770 Hart St between Wilson and Knickerbocker Ave

Perhaps the homiest of all Bushwick options, at Molasses wine costs a mere $6, and there’s a buck off for their 6pm-8pm happy hour daily.


the bodega
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The Bodega 
24 Saint Nicholas Ave at Troutman St

A wine bar (with wines on tap!), and couple $6 options. Tap wines are a dollar off during happy hour.

222 Bushwick Ave between Montrose Ave and Meserole St

Tradesman’s happy hour spans generously to 9pm, during which glasses of wine are $1 off and bottles are $4 off.

Happyfun Hideaway
1211 Myrtle Ave between Bushwick and Willoughby Ave

Miraculously has a $3 giant glass of boxed wine. Good luck! Note: the non-boxed variety is also reasonably priced.

Goodbye Blue Monday 
1087 Broadway at Dodworth St

Love GBM’s straightforward approach: “Good red or white is $5. Better red or white is $6, as is prosecco.”


Cubana Social
70 N. 6th St between Wythe and Kent Ave

Half-price bottles on Monday, always and forever!

Humboldt and Jackson
434 Humboldt Street between Jackson and Withers

This bar is new, and their happy hour is from 5pm-7pm Tuesday through Friday. They offer 1/2 priced tap wine, which is $5 per glass. While we cannot attest to quality just yet, we feel confident that it’s decent because it’s An Actual Wine Bar

263 N 6th St at Havemeyer

Supercute wine bar with $5 glasses or $20 bottles until 8pm. Take your pick, sip generously, get Weezer stuck in your head.


tuffet williamsburg
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286 Graham Ave between Grand and Powers St

Support your inner Hemingway with Tuffet’s daydrinking special: enjoy wine and sangria from 1pm-7pm on weekdays for $6 a glass. On weekends, it’s $7.

588 Grand St between Lorimer and Leonard St

This is great: Wine Lovers’ Wednesday – 2 for 1 wines by the glass (ranging $8-$11).

Harefield Road
769 Metropolitan Ave between Graham and Humboldt

For a little while it was $16 bottles of rose; now it’s $16 bottles of pinot grigio. Also wine is $4 per glass during happy hour, which is Monday-Friday until 8pm. Note the cheap bottle special does not apply during their (fantastic) brunch.

Oak Café
361 Graham Ave between Conselyea St and Skillman Ave

Happy hour is EVERY DAY from 5pm-7pm, with $5 wine. Also check out Twenty Tuesdays, where you can get $20 bottles at a real life wine bar.


Photo via ba’sik

323 Graham Ave between Metropolitan Ave and Devoe St

All wine is $7, but happy hour from 5pm-8pm it’s $2 off.

Full Circle Bar
318 Grand St at Havemeyer

$6 per glass of whatever they have, when they have it. Bonus: your normal beer-drinking friends probably like this place.

The Drink
228 Manhattan Ave between Grand and Maujer St

Better known as a beer spot, but there’s a handful of $6 per glass wine options here.

Brooklyn Winery
213 N. 8th St between Driggs and Roebling Ave

Happy Hour is 5pm-7pm Monday-Thursday for $10 off bottles and carafes. You can also get $2 off all glasses of wine during happy hour, but as their wine by the glass is on the pricier side, the carafes are where the deal is.


1011 Manhattan Ave between Green and Huron St

Happy hour is 4pm-8pm daily, during which you can imbibe a quartino of house wine for $8. Note: quartino = glass and a half, essentially. They also have prosecco on tap for $5, sangria for $6 and mulled wine for $7 in the fall and winter.


milk and roses
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Milk & Roses
1110 Manhattan Ave at Clay St

This bar’s 5pm-7pm weeknight happy hour has the standard $2 off wine (cheapest wine is $7 a glass)… but the real gem here is Ladies Night (Tuesday) and Gentlemen’s Night (Wednesday) – $2 off all wines by the glass after 9pm.

560 Manhattan Ave at Driggs Ave

Happy hour is every day from 4pm to 7pm and will snag you $4 glasses of Patience rose, Cotes du Rhone and Chardonnay. Good times to be had by all.


Black Swan
1048 Bedford Ave at Lafayette Ave

Monday is wine night, with select $4 glasses and $14 bottles! Happy hour is all day every day with $5 wine until 8pm. Most miraculously, on Wednesdays at Black Swan, $12 gets you unlimited prosecco from 6pm-8pm. Triumph.

1088 Fulton St at Claver Pl

$2 off wine during happy hour, which is 5pm-8pm daily, and 1pm – 8pm Saturday and Sunday.

Therapy Wine Bar
364 Lewis Ave between Halsey and Macon St

Enjoy $5 wine during happy hour, which is 5pm-7pm Monday-Friday.

one last shag
Photo courtesy One Last Shag

One Last Shag
348 Franklin Ave between Greene and Lexington Ave

Happy hour is every day from 4pm-7pm with $2 off wine, making all glasses $6 a pop.

Are we missing any north Brooklyn wine specials here? Share in the comments!

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