Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Someone buy Goodbye Blue Monday, or it’s saying…farewell

goodbye blue monday
We’re not sure if it comes with the cat or not

Goodbye Blue Monday is primarily known for booking anyone, no matter how terrible they are, which is a noble effort, if not one that pays the bills. Or in this case, the fines from the city that the club has racked up, which total up to $7,000 according to the Brooklyn Paper. So because of that, the venue is looking for a new owner or they’re closing at the end of March. Will a Red Mango take its place, as the prophecy has foretold?

Beyond having to pay a bunch of fines, the building’s landlord is also looking to double the rent on the space, so as ever, it’s appropriate to play “Let’s Lynch the Landlord.” The venue confirmed the imminent closure on their Facebook page, so if you want to get that crappy band of yours a gig there, you better hurry up.

Since their previous Indiegogo campaign was about paying for things like a second bathroom and actual air conditioner, it seems unlikely they can go that route to pay off the fines. And while this is shitty, at least we can rest assured that it’s real and not some stunt masquerading as art.

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