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Sorry about that, Mr. Borough President

The mayoral primaries are just a few days away, going down on Tuesday. It’s finally time, after all the shouting, the debates, the stickball, the sex podcasts and the stoop beers, the time has come to vote. Who will be each party’s standard bearer? For the Democrats, you can choose the very tall Red Sox fan, the third termer, the guy who almost beat Bloomberg last time, the one with the indicted treasurer, the pastor, the guy people haven’t heard of or the the shouty sexter. For Republicans, it’s Rudy’s old enforcer, a grocery store owner once sued by Trader Joe’s and the head of the Doe Fund.

We’d like to know where you stand, dear reader, so please take a moment to vote in our poll. We’re relatively certain that it’s not legally binding, so if you change your mind by Tuesday, you’ll still be OK. And don’t fret if you don’t see your favorite independent or joke candidate on here. You’ll get to vote for them in November.


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